TRITICUM - The Spell

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  • Исполнитель: TRITICUM
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  • Длина дорожки: 03:19
  • Битрейт: 320 kbs
Текст песни

So here I stand at the end of this road

One long dream

Alive at night and forgot by day

I've no maps, no plans, no sleight of hand

Just blind faith that something will give soon

And the clouds will part

And I will find my way once again

By the light of a golden moon

When the day is done

I'm the only one

I'm the only one

Who can break this spell

I can remember something of myself

Who I was in the dream of angels

What it felt like to be weightless and winged

Magic was everywhere

And lovе was everything

And nothing was impossible

Whеn I was young

A broken heart was just a song to be sung

I remember all the long, lonely nights

Writing it down

Trying to hold on to the feeling just long enough

To put it to sound

I wanted to feel

I wanted to fall

In and out of everything and everyone

I wanted it all

But when the day is through

I'm the only one

Who can call out the thunder

I'm the only one

Who can break this spell I'm under

I'm the only one

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