Skylar Grey, Polo G, Mozzy, Eminem - Last One Standing

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Now you see me standin' in the lights

But you never saw my sacrifice

Or all the nights I had to struggle to survive

Had to lose it all to win the fight

I had to fall so many times (Oh-oh-oh)

Now I'm the last one standin'

Uh, you weren't with me on the cold block nights

Now you front row for the spotlight

Now the diamonds in the Audemars bright

Jets overseas for a far flight

Young nigga on bullshit, and I ball on 'em, Bill Cartwright

Knew I could shine through the darkness

I guess I always been a star type

That lion in me made my heart fight

Could've been a victim of a opp pipe

Took a million risks just to get to this

'Cause we ain't the ones that the cops like

Been so many times God tested me

They only see the answers I got right

They commentin' all on the blogs

Tryna tell me how to live my life

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